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Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reading?
AR is a computer program that helps educators manage and monitor student's independent reading practice. Students select a book at their independent reading level and read at their individual pace. When finished, students will take a short quiz on the computer.  Every book they read and quiz they take will earn them points towards their reading goal.  Every goal they hit, students will earn rewards.
AR Login is through Classlink

 AR Book Finder

What do students receive for participating in AR?

Student Prizes:

  • Weekly: Reading Wolf Tags (When students reach their “Goal” they will get a tag) 

  • Monthly: AR Reading Certificate for the top student per class with most AR Points and ONE top student per grade level will get their picture taken and displayed in front of the library.  {Spotlight post on our LES Facebook page} 

  • 9 weeks: Breakfast of Champions & AR Reading Certificate for the top 5 students per grade level (Special breakfast at a special table in cafeteria)

  • 1st-4th (4 consecutive years) If they are one of the top 5 readers in their grade level each year, from 1st all the way to 4th, they will get a big incentive their fourth grade year.  Ex: Limo ride and lunch with the principal (this will start this year with 1st grade ONLY and when they get to 4th grade, if they are the top 5 readers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, they will get this prize. 

Student Participation:

  • AR Book Finder: Students can find out if a book is an AR book or not by clicking the "Book Finder" circle above or going to our Tangi website under “Students” then going to the “AR Book Finder” circle.  

  • Classlink: Students should be able to log into their Classlink and click on AR to take quizzes. {Students can only take an AR test during school hours}

  • Library: AR in a Jar Contest - When students read a book and take a test, they can fill out a slip (name, grade, title of book, AR score) to put in a jar for their grade level in the library.  Whatever grade level fills their jar first, wins a prize.  {Continues all year}

  • Library:  Top AR Student of the month’s picture and points will be displayed in the library.  {1 student per grade level}