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Reading for Education

Reading for Education

This fundraiser is a continuous fundraiser until the end of the school year. 
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Reading for Education is a great fundraiser to help your school.  It is a continuous fundraiser that supports your school all year.  Students will have until May to send emails and have supporters purchase items.  Students can earn participation prizes and lots of cool, fun prizes depending on how much they raise from family and friends.  Supporters can choose from a great selection of premium Innisbrook wrapping paper, gourmet popcorn, magazines, home decor, and other gift items. 

Go to to complete the sign-up process and send email invitations to family and friends.  Your child will automatically WIN a Huggers Mystery Prize!!!

Students will receive a participation prize just for sending emails. This will be given to you at school from your computer lab teacher.  
Students will also have a chance to win a Play Station 5!  The winning students will be chosen on Sunday, May 15, 2022!!!
(Rules available online at

Teachers also have a chance to win a Dream Classroom Makeover!!! Every participating student gets their teacher one entry closer to winning the classroom of their dreams!  The winning teacher will be chosen on Sunday, May 20, 2022!!!